Just a little off the top.

You won't always need someone to start from scratch.

In fact, you probably already know what you want to say – it's your project, and it's your audience.

But it's not always easy to get things just right. A computer can correct your spelling, but it takes an experienced pair of human eyes to help you trim and polish your message to perfection.

We can help you by:

  • Correcting all sorts of errors that can put people off, such as errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax
  • Improving the readability of your text: breaking down complex information into simple ideas, weeding out technical jargon, and turning your words into clear, everyday English
  • And developing your tone of voice: finding your ideal balance between professional and friendly, between composed and passionate, and between persuasive and abrasive.

We love working with non-native English speakers, and we love getting stuck into complicated ideas.

Want to project a professional image with sharp, immaculate messages?

Send us a message and let's talk about your work.