BlueHub are experts in the field of cloud conversion and business software.

With two distinct target markets – accountants and businesses – they needed their blog to create useful, authoritative guides and advice that appeal to both.

Over a two-year period, we planned, researched and wrote an ongoing series of helpful blog posts to attract accountancy firms and businesses of all sizes - both from our own research, as well as from transcripts of BlueHub's ongoing webinars and YouTube tutorials.

We also wrote the copy for some of their lead-generating downloadable guides, and for a few of their sales-based landing pages.

“Ed very quickly gained an understanding of our industry and audience, making recommendations for articles over and above our expectations.

His ability to write in a range of formats has made him invaluable to our department, and he will be key to our marketing strategy for years to come.”

- Lisa Cooper, Digital Marketing Executive at BlueHub